The company debuted in 1984, when a young boy who was quite an entrepreneur, decided that his mother's homemade crêpes were a product to market. He spent his time in the kitchen, carefully watching his mother create fantastic crêpes. With that same recipe, he practiced the art of making the actual crêpe, opened a small crêpe stand and named it Crepaway.

Since that time, Crepaway has grown to become one of the most beloved restaurants in the region. Founded in 1985 as a Limited Liability Company (SARL), Crepaway officially established itself as a Joint Stock Company (SAL) in 2003.

Under the helm of inspired leadership, Crepaway grew and expanded operations across Lebanon, rapidly gaining a reputation as a funky place to sit back in and enjoy the meal. In 2002, Crepaway took its concept abroad and opened the first regional branch in Cairo. This was followed by branches in KSA and Qatar.

Ever since its first days as a small kiosk, Crepaway acquired a reputation for its quirky menu and repertoire of tasty crêpes named after foxy women. With names such as Lili, Martine and Michèle, the crêpes now make up only a part of a packed menu that includes a famous line of mouth-watering appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, platters and desserts.

What marks Crepaway out from other casual restaurants is its formula for mixing food and fun. The Crepaway dine-in concept features a unique and trendy ambiance called “Food & Mood?, a successful formula involving a variety menu* with high quality food standards in a lively, feel-good atmosphere and a hip environment. Accordingly, a light-hearted mood pervades the establishment, with young trendy waiters, loyal guests and management that engage in the vibrant Crepaway spirit.

Since 1984, Crepaway Corporation has succeeded in leading the way forward in Lebanon’s dining industry, creating out of its success a model followed by other restaurant chains and held up in universities as a case study for successful enterprises. Today, Crepaway Corporation, which is established in Lebanon, operates nine outlets throughout the country with its famous menu while the brand has been crafted into an established franchise.

*Some locations provide breakfast, alcohol, or both.



“We Provide a Quality Environment for Good Food & Good Mood.?

This statement reflects our great importance given to Quality and our efforts to establish it in all of our practices and to institute it as one of our top priorities. Whether in our service, product development, kitchens, management systems, marketing & communication approaches, Quality is always given great significance.

“Live Crepaway?

A Vision Statement representing the fundamental aspirations and our purpose of existence that appeals to the associates, guests, partners and community hearts and minds.

Brand Value

The secret of the brand’s success rests above all in its ability to speak directly and powerfully to consumers, whether it is through effective media advertising that shouts out Crepaway or a high quality dining experience. The spirit of Crepaway is reflected in the premium quality of food service and is coupled with a warm, welcoming environment that promises the best in courteous and casual hospitality, stylish decor and lively entertainment.



  • 21st International Award for Tourist, Hotels & Catering – Madrid 1996

    Instituted by the editorial office in collaboration with the trade leaders club, the awards was instituted in the 1960’s and is presented to leading firms in the field of tourism & hospitality.

  • Phoenix de la Pub –Beirut 1988

    Under the patronage of the International Advertising Association, the Phoenix d’Or was offered to Crepaway for the best advertising Retail food Outlets category.

  • Entrepreneurs of the Year - Beirut 2003

    Presented to Crepaway Board of Directors, based on public voting

  • The Consumer Trophy – Beirut 2005

    A gastronomy award offered to Crepaway under Best Sandwich category

  • International Standards & quality Trophy – Dubai 2006

    A prize granted by the International Standards Association. The 2006 award is a collaboration with the Assosiation of Citizens duties & Right (ACRO).

  • Superbrand – London/Beirut 2006

    The Superbrands organization is the independent arbiter on branding. In its global program, it identifies and pays tribute to exceptional trademarks by recognizing, rewarding and reinforcing leading brands from all over the world. Superbrands Lebanon program was introduced in 2006, automatically including Crepaway in its first edition.

  • Pan Arab Web Award – Beirut 2011

    Best creativity for a hospitality website.



In 2005, Crepaway launched the Crepaway Foundation, an independent, non-profit philanthropic institution funded by Crepaway Corporation. Crepaway is committed to supporting the improvement of quality of life in its communities by being actively involved in the growth and welfare of society. The Foundation contributes to the development of worthwhile projects and organizations in fields that include health and human service programs, educational endeavors, civic activities, cultural and artistic initiatives in addition to environmental efforts.





Crepaway is specialized in private caterings and our clients include universities, international associations, embassies and many more. For those who would like for Crepaway to cater for a private occasion or during a specific event, kindly contact us and brief us on your specific needs. We provide food & beverages menus, event organization, sound and lightening, music and artists in addition to extra gimmicks upon request .